What Are the Don’t When Looking for HDPDO Thread Lifting?

HDPDO thread-lifting is one of the most successful cosmetic procedures for lifting, toning, tightening, and restoring facial characteristics impaired by natural aging. The therapy entails inserting surgical sutures into certain facial locations at a predetermined depth and then physically lifting the skin with a tightening effect.

As a result of the subsequent creation of collagen in the skin after therapy, both immediate and long-term improvements are possible. There is no general anesthesia, no skin cutting, no sutures, and far less recovery time than with a standard surgical facelift.

However, before you choose your HDPDO thread lifting treatment, there are three important things you need to avoid doing.

What Are the 3 Things to Avoid Doing Before HDPDO Thread Lifting?

Looking for the cheapest service

It is easy, particularly after the recent epidemic, to take shortcuts when it comes to the price of aesthetic treatments. Many of us do not believe we deserve to invest well over £2000 on cosmetic treatment, and the allure of online discount deals or taking advantage of someone’s ‘learning’ price could save us hundreds of pounds.

However, you might find yourself with a serious problem after some time. You will have to spend extra money on reconstructing, removing, or repairing threads inserted poorly in your skin. The cost of correcting any particular treatment tends to be way too high. As a result, you need to think about your wellness before investing in any services offered at a low price.

Accepting an HDPDO thread treatment on your consultation day

Suppose you are going for a medical consultation on your skin treatment. In that case, you are fully entitled to a period of internalizing and analyzing any information you were given by a medical professional. You will need time to sit down and think about the procedure, cost, side effects, and benefits of undergoing the HDPDO treatment.

If a physician makes you feel forced to undergo the treatment right after your consultation, it is in your best interest to make your apologies and leave the appointment immediately. Even if the administration of PDO threads can be completed in a short amount of time, the process should not be treated flippantly.

As a patient, you have the right to explore your alternatives and determine if a thread lift is an appropriate treatment for you. You may like to review your therapy with your wife or husband or may wish to conduct additional online research.

Dictate the procedure you want to a specialist

All competent physicians are well-versed in non-surgical treatment options and have a duty to refrain from causing harm. This implies that they are required by law to avoid causing you harm or achieving an unnatural result for your face features.

A medical professional will be able to advise you on the ideal PDO thread solutions to use and the location on your face (and the depth) at which to place the threads. They will constantly inform you of how the process will go, both during and after it, and how you will appear after the therapy has been completed.

Therefore, even if you had something in mind about what you want or what was done to your friend, it is good to ask, but let final advice come from the medical specialist.


Are you looking to make your face look tight and younger? HDPDO thread lifting is the best option. However, understand your limits before going for the procedure.

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