What Are the 6 Advantages of High-Density Preloaded Polydioxanone (PDO) Threads?

Are you looking for the best way to have your skin lifted to enhance beauty? High-density preloaded polydioxanone threads are the way to go. They will ensure that your skin is lifted immediately, contracting the fat tissues to tighten your skin and facilitate the renewal of your skin’s cellular.

This blog will highlight six benefits when using High density preloaded polydioxanone threads for your skin lifting.

What Are the 6 Advantages of Using HDPDO Threads for Skin Lifting?

Noninvasive procedure

This therapy, unlike a conventional facelift, is noninvasive. There will be no inflammation, redness, itching, or other outward indications of “work performed” when you leave the office following your therapy. When your friends look at you, they will only notice that you are young and healthy.

In addition, threads are put only into the outermost layers of your skin. There are few nerves ends there; therefore, therapy does not harm. The topical anesthetic aims to minimize any discomfort you might experience when inserting the needles.

Results are instant

You must wait many weeks to notice the outcomes of a facelift due to swelling and irritation. A PDO thread lift produces quick results. As if that is not enough, your outcomes will improve after two to three months as your body completes the production of new, healthy collagen.

Customized treatments

Customizability is one of the major features of PDO lifts. Due to the versatility of PDO threads, each anti-aging therapy will be tailored to individual skin types, conditions of the skin, and aesthetic objectives. 

For instance, relatively thin monofilament threads are perfect for volumizing and renewing the cheekbones and chin. In contrast, thicker threads can be utilized to lift and support sagging skin around the neck and cheeks.


The price of your procedure will depend on several criteria, including the locations you wish to treat, the sort of threads employed, and the need for a local anesthetic. Universally, however, this treatment is significantly less expensive than cheek augmentation, facelift, or chin augmentation.

Slow and safe absorption

Absorption can take up to a year, based on the thread types utilized in your procedure. Most of our clients’ threads are assimilated between six to eight months. The benefits can last between three months and more than two years when the threads are absorbed. Anticipate treatment effects to persist anywhere between nine months and three years.

Compared to a conventional facelift, this excellent anti-aging procedure offers unmatched safety. PDO threads have been utilized for more than three decades to heal and repair wounds, suture incisions during aesthetic surgeries, and treat gynecological conditions, among other applications. No adverse reactions to PDO threads have been documented all this time. In addition, these threads are non-toxic and can be effectively absorbed by the skin.


You will appear younger right away since your aging skin will be stabilized and raised following a PDO thread lift. However, when you leave our welcoming, comfy office, the results only become better. Threading encourages the creation of collagen and elastin in your body, which are the proteins and fibers that lift and straighten your skin.


If you are looking for a skin lifting procedure that will give you a natural look, then the HDPDO therapy should be your preferred choice. You will spend less money, avoid side effects, customize your therapy, and rejuvenate your skin.

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