What Are the 5 Post HDPDO Thread Lift Guidelines?

Have you undergone an HDPDO thread lifting procedure for your skin? The procedure aims to tighten and lift the skin to reduce the aging effects like wrinkles and creases. The process involves a noninvasive procedure hence more effective and faster depending on your particular situation.

After the HDPDO thread lifting treatment is completed, many people tend to be scared about the post-treatment instructions. However, this blog will highlight some of the key post-treatment guidelines you will need to observe.

What Are the 5 Post-Treatment Instructions for HDPDO Thread Lift?

After performing a PDO thread lift, you should refrain from doing a few different things to get the best possible outcomes. These are resting on your stomach or side, putting on make-up, consuming alcohol, creating exaggerated facial emotions, obtaining facials and facial massages, and producing excessive facial expressions. Some of these instructions include;

Resting on your side or stomach

Once your HDPDO thread lifting procedure is complete, it will be unwise to exert excess pressure on the treated part of your skin. When you sleep on your stomach or side within your first few nights, you will notice discomfort, inflammations, bruising, or failure to achieve the optimal outcome.

If you often sleep on your belly or side or twist and turn during the night, you should exercise lying on your back for several weeks before your therapy. If you continue to roll over after establishing a stable position on your back, rest in a recliner to reduce the likelihood of sleeping on your side following therapy. Alternately, construct a towel fortress around yourself in bed.

Avoid taking alcohol

Alcohol should be avoided for the first two weeks following a thread lift. Firstly, alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it will wash away an excessive volume of water and important nutrients vital to your skin’s health. Secondly, alcohol use considerably raises blood pressure.

Stay away from smoking.

Smoking is highly known to increase blood pressure. Some of the cigarette components, like nicotine, constrict the blood vessels. This limits the circulation of the nutrients in your bloodstream.

Extreme exercise activities

Intensified physical activity comes in last as the activity that raises blood pressure the most frequently. It’s perfectly acceptable to engage in a moderate activity like walking, jogging, or swimming at a slow pace. 

On the other hand, if the intensity of your workout is so high that you cannot sing or have a normal conversation, it is too strenuous, and you are putting unnecessary pressure on your heart.

Avoid facials and facial massages.

Facial massages and facials must be postponed for ten days following therapy. Face massages should be prevented to reduce the possibility of applying undue pressure to the treatment region. This reduces the likelihood of edema, bruising, and unintentional thread displacement.

Facials may also involve very strong chemicals that irritate your skin, just like make-up. Since your skin might be very sensitive after the therapy, it will be wise to avoid facials for some time for healing to take place.


HDPDO thread lifting is very important to anyone who wants to deal with skin aging conditions. However, care is very important after the treatment to get the desired result. Follow the above guidelines for successful therapy.

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