What Are 3 Things to Do Before HDPDO Thread Lifting Treatment?

HDPDO thread-lifting is one of the most successful cosmetic procedures for lifting, toning, tightening, and restoring facial characteristics impaired by natural aging. The therapy entails inserting surgical sutures into certain facial locations at a predetermined depth and then physically lifting the skin with a tightening effect.

As a result of the subsequent creation of collagen in the skin after therapy, both immediate and long-term improvements are possible. There is no general anesthesia, no skin cutting, no sutures, and far less recovery time than with a standard surgical facelift.

However, before you choose your HDPDO thread lifting treatment, there are three important things you need to do.

What Are the 3 Do’s when Looking for HDPDO Thread Lifting Treatment?

Choose an experienced specialist in HDPDO thread lifting treatment

You should only look for a medical specialist such as a nurse, surgeon, doctor, or dentist to administer the HDPDO threads on your skin. Ensure you are working with a person who has been trained in handling thread lifting techniques.

HDPDO threads can cause several serious facial and health problems if used by someone who is not familiar with the facial anatomy or who is not aware of how to deal with any adverse effects or unanticipated circumstances that may occur during or after a certain procedure.

PDO threads must be introduced at precise depths in the skin to avoid damaging vital facial ligaments, vessels, and veins; only a doctor with years of experience studying the nuances of the face and following thorough training in how to implant the threads can assist in avoiding undesired side effects. If you’re not sure if a practitioner has a medical license, simply ask to see their credentials.

Go for a pre-treatment consultation.

If you are going for any surgical or non-surgical treatment, ensure your first request for a pre-treatment consultation. The consultation is very helpful in ensuring that you understand your unique skin requirements and any other facial concerns. Also, a pre-treatment consultation will help you go through your medical history to find out if you are suitable and fit for any particular HDPDO thread lifting procedure.

You may think that you require a certain treatment to resolve a condition. However, it is possible that what you need is not suitable for your case, and our practitioners may recommend an alternative or perhaps a combination of treatments to guarantee you achieve the best outcomes.

Aftercare program

If you get administered the HDPDO thread lifting procedure, it will be important to get a follow-up team checking on you. The team is there to know if you require any extra treatment or adjustments based on how your skin responds to your treatment. This is important in ensuring any side effects are noted early and well addressed by specialists.

Ensure that the medical specialist attending to you for the first time provides you with office contacts that you can call if you notice any unanticipated effect on your skin. If the company is not offering an aftercare program or not linking you to any specialist who will be attending to you, you should look for another service provider.


HDPDO thread lifting is a very important procedure for anyone looking for skin lifting and rejuvenation. However, be aware of the things to do before the procedure.

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