HDpdo Thread Resurfaing

Key benefits of HDPDO thread lift procedure for Facial Rejuvenation

If you’re looking into thread lift costs, you’re not alone. Thread lifts are enjoying a well-deserved reputation as the perfect way to create a refreshed, more youthful appearance without having to go through heavily invasive surgery. There are several key reasons that you may want to consider getting a thread lift over a regular facelift. Some of those benefits are listed below.

Non-invasive thread lift procedures are cost effective and people are looking for this as an economical alternative to surgical options. So if you are looking for that well-deserved refreshed and youthful look, thread lifts are the best option.

HDPDO Treatment leaflet
HDPDO Treatment

As compared to a regular facelift, thread lift has many benefits, the major ones being:

1. Instant Results from HDPDO

As compared to facelift surgery (which can often take weeks or months before results are seen), with a HDPDO thread lift, you’re getting almost instant results. So what you get from your procedure, you’ll have a tighter, more youthful-looking face. A dissolvable thread is inserted and strategically placed under the skin by the aesthetician. They’re then pulled upwards to lift the face. And the procedure is completed.

2. HDPDO offers Faster Recovery & No Downtime 

With a regular facelift surgery, you’re looking at a large recovery time that often involves a lot of discomfort that can last weeks or even months. With the thread left, you can actually walk in for your procedure at lunch time and meet up with anyone for dinner the same day. And they might be able to see the difference on your face.

3. Reduced Wrinkles And Fine Lines (Tighter Looking Skin)

Thread lifts help stimulate collagen production, resulting in more youthful-looking skin. In addition, the threads pull your face taut, eliminating wrinkles and giving you an overall smoother appearance. The areas of your face where the threads are placed enjoy a sharp reduction in wrinkles and lines. And as a result you get a more youthful skin and refreshed look.

4. HDPDO Lasts a Long Time

Even though a thread lift is a relatively quick procedure, results usually last as long as a year. The process can be repeated if required after that. However the basics remain the same. 

This makes the total thread lift cost worth it when compared to regular (surgical) facelift options.