How Much Does HDPDO Thread Lifting Cost?

Are you planning to undergo HDPDO thread lifting for your skin? The HDPDO thread lifting is a minimally invasive process that seeks to tighten skin that is just slightly sagging, encourage the synthesis of new collagen, and diminish the visible signs of aging. They deliver outcomes that are practically on par with those produced by conventional facelifts.

However, many people are always worried about how much does this HDPDO thread lifting procedure costs? The cost of HDPDO thread lifting is known to vary based on different factors, but the range will be $2000 to $5000.

This article will highlight five factors that affect the price of the HDPDO thread lifting pricing.

What Are the 5 Factors Affecting the Price of HDPDO Thread Lifting?

Number of the threads used on your skin

The pricing of a thread lift is mostly determined by the quantity and kind of threads that are inserted. The procedure is customizable; not all patients require the same quantity of threads.

Longer barbed threads are used to discreetly elevate loose tissues and create a lifted appearance to the brow, cheeks, neck, or jaw and smooth marionette lines and nasolabial creases. This thread lift, also known as a suture suspension lift, is often more complex and costly.

If the procedure involves many threads and a high level of expertise, it will force you to dig deeper into your pocket.

Experience of expertise

Even though it is a minimally invasive surgery, a thread lift operation should ideally be carried out by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Because of their extensive experience, these service providers typically demand higher prices. However, the price may be justified to lessen the likelihood of undesirable effects and improve overall performance.

Since it is highly challenging — and in some cases even impossible — to remove threads once they have been placed, performing this technique demands an in-depth understanding of anatomy and the appropriate education, training, and expertise.

Dimpling, asymmetry, and extrusion are all potential complications that can arise with thread lifts. These complications are nearly often the consequence of faulty technique, incorrect thread insertion, or poor patient screening.


To assist cover their overhead costs, practitioners and med spas located in high-rent regions of large cities will demand higher prices. If you have a significant budgetary constraint, you should steer clear of high-end cosmetic surgery offices and med spas located in the most attractive places and instead search for qualified physicians who have more modest facilities.

Add-on treatments

Because providers commonly use injectables (such as Botox and fillers) and skin tightening treatments to enhance the results of thread lifts, it is important to remember to include the cost of these additional services when calculating the total expense of your thread facelift if they are going to be a part of your care plan.

The severity of your facial sagging

The extent of your facial sagging will highly influence the cost of your HDPDO thread lifting procedure. This is because the level of sagging influences many other factors like the level of expertise required and the number of HDPDO threads to solve the issue. Therefore, if your facial sagging is high, expect to pay more than a person with less facial sagging.


How much does HDPDO thread lifting cost? The cost is subject to location, expertise, level of facial sagging, add-on treatments, and the number of threads.

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