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How Long Does HDPDO Thread Lift Take?

It somewhat sounds too wonderful to be true, but there is now a therapy that is simple and only minimally invasive that makes it possible to lift and tighten skin. At the end of HDPDO therapy, you will get results comparable to those achieved through facelift surgery. After undergoing a PDO Thread Lift, the face is left looking tighter, firmer, and younger. 

The body’s collagen synthesis diminishes as you age, and facial volume decreases, adding to wrinkles, sagging, and other aging indications. This treatment, commonly known as a thread lift, can effectively fix crepey skin, tighten a sagging jowl, and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and creases. It provides full facial rejuvenation and might help you look considerably more relaxed and revitalized.

The biggest question is how long HDPDO thread lift takes to fix your skin. But before we dwell on that, what exactly is HDPDI thread lift?

What Exactly is HDPDO Thread Lift?

This procedure includes putting threads beneath the skin so that they may sustain the face from below and provide an instant lift for sagging skin. The threads inserted into a particular position of your skin are made of a substance used in surgical sutures. These threads encourage collagen synthesis, which further rejuvenates and smoothens the skin after a few weeks.

The threads will vary in texture and shape, and therefore, they will be used in different ways based on your tailored skin requirements. Probably you are looking to increase your skin volume or lift the skin. After six months, the threads can dissolve on their own once they have completed all the desired procedures.

Now to our big question.

How Long Does HDPDO Thread Lift Take?

You are undoubtedly curious about the outcomes that might be anticipated after having a thread lift performed. When may we expect to see results, and for how long will they remain? This therapy has several wonderful benefits. One of them is that it immediately provides the skin with a degree of lifting and support while simultaneously stimulating long-term rejuvenation by producing additional collagen.

This indicates that you will see some initial firming immediately, with your results fully developing within six months of using the product. The results can vary among individuals, but most patients are satisfied with their new appearance for up to a year and a half. You’ll also have the option to schedule further treatments to maintain your fresh appearance after they’ve been completed.

When the full effects of your treatment have manifested, your skin will appear smoother, tauter, and younger, but the threads will no longer be visible. If the patient presses on the outside of the treatment region, they might be able to feel the threads. This is particularly true for individuals who have exceptionally thin skin. However, the threads disintegrate over time, so if you feel them shortly after your treatment, you won’t have to worry about them sticking there for very long.


Are you looking to schedule your HDPDO thread lift? Don’t worry about the time; the procedure takes around 30 minutes and gives you instant results.

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