HDPDO Threadlift

Best option for getting a Safe & Nonsurgical Partial Face Lift with Instant Results

As people age, they tend to dislike their skin and in particular their facial skin. Collagen and elastin production slow down with age. Harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun damage skin cells and break down the skin’s elasticity. As collagen breaks down in the skin and is not replenished by the body as readily, skin begins to sag.

Let’s know about the least invasive, non surgical and safe partial facelift to get instant and natural looking results.

About a Revolutionary PDO Thread

Before some time, if you desire tiger skin tone across the delicate facial structures the option was to go for risky and expensive plastic surgery such as a full or mini facelift procedure. 

But today, the aesthetic professionals are providing new and innovative face lifting thread that is biodegradable, safe and remarkably effective in gently lifting up facial skin in one direction. 

Threading is now popular just like Botox and fillers.

This procedure reveals smoother and younger looking complexions without the hassle of long and uncomfortable surgical recovery downtime.

A Quicker, Safer & Sensible Solution to Sagging Skin

High Density PDO called HDPDO is a minimally invasive PDO which is changing how plastic surgeons and healthcare beauty specialists treat patients who desire younger looking skin but don’t want to undergo traditional surgery. 

HDPDO Treatment in Progress

This method of treating sagging skin is almost pain free, with no injection, with long lasting results (lasts 12 to 18 months), without the inconvenience of lengthy recovery periods. It can be used from head to toe and for people of all skin colors. 

How this Novel Thread works

  • The targeted tissue is re-positioned via thread pulling effect
  • Holding and stabilizing loose or saggy skin because of thread’s strength
  • The tissue nearby is hydrated as pdo absorbs water
  • Biostimulation and activation of fibroblasts due to Mechano-stimulation
  • Collagen regeneration
  • Causing micro fibrosis around the thread during the degradation and creating a bio-thread instead

The above phenomena causes PDO thread to elevate the dermal collagen activity that is responsible for giving the skin a sharper line and greater elasticity seen in younger skin.