5 Important Facts to Know About HDPDO Thread Lifting

It is a truth that freshness does not endure indefinitely. In addition, the skin will not be able to keep its flawlessly firm contour. People’s skin thins out and loses its suppleness as they get older, making people look more aged. As a direct consequence of this, wrinkles will crop up on the face, and the skin will become slacker.

Treatments for skin resurfacing have the potential to be the answer for minor skin sagging because they can repair some degree of skin firmness. To our good fortune, there is now a new non-surgical option that does not involve the use of a scalpel, and it is called HDPDO thread lift.

What Are 5 Facts Concerning HDPDO Thread Lifting?

Only a short recovery time will be needed for HDPDO Lifting

Most patients choose HDPDO thread lift due to the significantly shorter recovery period. It typically only takes around two days to recuperate, which is a significant reduction compared to the four-week facelift recovery time.

Patients may experience some discomfort and edema following surgery, but they rarely require severe painkillers after non-surgical procedures. Therefore, most patients can report to work instantly following the treatment and may even drive themselves home. However, a couple of days of recovery is necessary.

Keep your expectations realistic.

Remember that an HDPDO thread lift cannot be compared to the effects that a facelift can achieve. Although they both work to improve the appearance of sagging skin in their unique ways, they are not interchangeable. Thread lifts raise your face by a few millimeters, in contrast to traditional facelifts, including removing extra skin and tightening the muscles.

On the other hand, the thread lift is ideal for patients who have only mild to moderate skin laxity. After the thread lift method, you can anticipate a noticeable result and a naturally younger look.

Avoid exercises and sexual activity for a given time.

Although modest workouts such as walking can be started one week after surgery, it is imperative to avoid exercise that places stress on the treated area. Weightlifting and yoga are typically forbidden for one week, although it is always advisable to see your surgeon before beginning these activities. Sexual action follows the same rules. Typically, one should wait one week before resuming sexual activity.

Age affects the choice of your HDPDO thread lifting type

A medical officer will recommend several thread lifting based on your case. A person of age 30 will not be recommended the same procedure compared to an individual of age 50.

HDPDO thread lift is safer than a facelift

Due to the minimal incisions and lack of disruption of the skin’s blood flow, the technique carries fewer risks and potential consequences than a facelift. In addition, the threads used in the procedure are safe because they have been evaluated and authorized by the FDA, and they are used worldwide.


HDPDO thread lift is an important procedure for anyone looking to fix skin sagging issues. However, you need to be aware of the above important facts.

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